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Laser Processing Equipment
UV laser processing Processing System DL500U
Ultra short pulse laser precision processing system DL600P
PCB Drilling & Milling Equipment
DM300B/DM300E--entry level circuit board engraver
Circuit Board Plotter DM500H
Integrated Equipment DES300
Etching Equipment EU400
Etching Equipment EU600
Developing Equipment DU400
Developing Equipment DU600
Stripping Equipment SU400
Stripping Equipment SU600
UV Exposure Equipment EL300
UV Exposure Equipment EX300
Through Hole Platting Equipment TP300/TP300P
Physical Plated Through Hole Equipment:PP300
Industrial type TP400/TP400D
Industrial type TP600D
Water treatment Equipment
Multilayer Press Equipment
PCB Brushing Equipment
High-speed CNC Drilling & Milling Equipment
Dry Film Laminator
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DCT Co., Ltd.developing and manufacturing precise laser material processing equipment and rapid PCB prototyping equipments based on Direct Processing technology.        Hardware technology, software technology and application experiences are the technical foundation of DCT, the integration and application of them lead directly to the way of DCT’s development.……

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Direct Laser Circuit Structuring Machine

DCT direct laser circuit structuring machine use computer-controlled laser as tools, without mold and intermediate materials and other auxiliary technology, remove the processed materials directly, shorten and improve whole process significantly, in line with worldwide demands of production today......

Laser Precision Processing Solution
                                                                                  Laser precision material processing machine of DCT, combining application experiences with quality and accuracy, efficiency and cost, as well as operational experience and other details, give full play to the advantages of laser technology, breaking limits of existing equipments.……

Rapid PCB Prototyping solutions

DCT Rapid PCB Prototyping system is based on the rapid circuit board proofing machine, adding a number of small batch production machines. It combines the application software, CNC machining, laser technology and PCB process four aspects of technology.……

Data Processing Software

DCT takes advantage of the equipment software and hardware resource, to transfer the long-term accumulated operation experience and our know-how to the operation of each machine through the software.


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New Products  

Direct Laser Circuit Structuring System
Laser Circuit Structuring DCT direct laser circuit structuring machine, using air-cooled fiber lasers , high precision scanner and optical components......
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UV laser processing Processing System

UV laser processing DL500U Capable of micro machining a variety of material, including ceramics, LTCC punch; HDI board micro porous
More information

Ultra short pulse laser precision processing System

Picosecond laser DL500P Taking “cold processing” as a feature,the machine solves processing problems for various metarials such as ceramics, silicon, glass......
  More information

SMT Stencil Laser Processing System

Stencil Laser DL600S DL600S, dreaming machine of SMT stencil processing, cuts stencils better and quicker with brand new data processing software......
  More information

Laboratory UV Laser Processing System

The small uv laser DL300 Suitable for various application with most demanding micro precision, sensation nondestructive
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German-Chinese-cooperation between Evosys Laser GmbH and DCT Co.,Ltd
DCT Begins to Develop the Fifth Circuit Board Engraver--DM300

The Third Generation of Laser Circuit Board Equipment Launched

We co-organized professional teachers of colleges national training

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